Update – August 2019

New members are attending events. There are lots of fun activities going on such as disco nights, quiz nights, pub nights, park walks and beach games. There is lots planned for autumn so take a look at our newsletter! Friendship club is a great place to meet new friends in the local community!

Young Friendship Club- new members are joining and enjoying the activities in the Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre Hub. We are having some extra sessions in October and November so look out for these! This is a good way for parents to meet up and connect with other each other while the young People are with the People First Dorset staff.

Simply Supper- These events were very popular, the menu was delicious and enjoyed by all. This event will now take place on a Mondays 6 – 7.30pm.

What is the Friendship Club?

The Friendship Club is where people with learning disabilities can make and meet friends.  Members choose where we meet and what we do. It might be things like meeting up for a meal in the pub, a quiz in a café, going ten pin bowling or having an adventure walk around town.  It’s whatever our members want to do, within reason!

We meet in Weymouth, Dorchester and North Dorset but in our newsletter we share information about other activities going on in the rest of Dorset.

The Friendship Club is led by a Steering Group Committee of members, who make sure the club does what people want and help it keep going.