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Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here this week talking about the scary news of Russia invading Ukraine. We are writing this on Wednesday 2nd March and wonder what will have happened by the time you read this on Tuesday.

We think it’s horrible. The first thing I, Emily heard on the news were the sirens and the children going down to the bunkers. How frightened they must be, just like everyone else.

I, William, thought oh no, not another war. We both hate watching the news at the moment and have stopped watching it as much as it’s so hard to see all the fighting and the bad things Putin is doing. There is nothing good about it.

There was a woman on TV who was saying that her child and husband were in Ukraine, and he was fighting. It must be terrifying for her worrying about them and if they are safe. There is nothing much she can actually do.

We feel very lucky to be in England and not in Ukraine, lucky not to be stuck in a war and to have the freedom that we have. Even though we might not like what Boris has done, like the parties at Downing Street which are being investigated, it’s nothing to what Putin is doing.

We really hope Putin stops what he’s doing, invading Ukraine, and stop this war. It’s good that we have stopped doing as much business with Russia and that people are donating things for the Ukrainian people. It’s a time for us to think about other people suffering in the world, including other refugees living in poor living conditions, those in other conflicts around the world or suffering famine or illness. Although rightly we are fixed on this war, we must also remember others who need our support.

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