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Easy Read

Easy Read


Easy read is a form of accessible writing that, when combined with good design, makes information clear and easy to understand. It uses plain English, short sentences, photos, symbols and simple punctuation while avoiding jargon.


We produce Easy Read for our own projects, for the public sector, and businesses. It allows people with learning disabilities to understand information, helping them make decisions. Examples range from information about having an operation to local authority consultations. There is now legislation to enforce this. 

For more information or to have a chat about how we can help, please contact us.

Easy Read examples


We have worked on Easy Read projects for a number of organisations including: Dorset County Council and Dorset Police.

To see what we could do for you, download our examples here.

Easy Read
For more information of any of our projects please call us on 01305 257600 or email:
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