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People get involved for all sorts of reasons

Some have personal experience to a cause. Others because they see first hand what a difference the charity makes to improves the lives of others.

A lot of people with a learning disability don't have many people in their lives that aren't paid to be there.

We love working with volunteers who are as passionate about supporting people with a learning disability as we are. It's not only a chance to do something great, it's also an opportunity to develop new skills and experience, as well as make new friends.


The Howe family story

Our involvement with People First Dorset was triggered by finding ourselves bereft after losing our beloved daughter Gemma, who had a learning disability. Accessing community based activities for Gemma was always a challenge, so we are well aware how essential activities for adults with learning disabilities are.


The involvement with People First Dorset has been very rewarding, as the community within the organisation has the feel of an extended family. Whether you are a volunteer or member you will make new friends and above all else have a great deal of fun. Our daughter Zoe started as a volunteer and is now a full time employee!


We have been involved in projects such as money workshops, the Men’s group and supporting an established Speaking Up group. It is incredibly rewarding to see members evolve and gain confidence as a result of these projects. It was a pleasure for us to be able to donate funds towards the Glitter Ball event as we know the evening will live long in the memory of all involved.

Let's empower people with learning disabilities

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

2 Herringston Barn, Herringston, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 9PU


Just £5 per month really helps us deliver and develop our projects


Even the smallest donation can make a difference

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