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Friendship Club

The Friendship Club is a club led by people with learning disabilities, where they come together to make and meet friends in everyday settings such as cafes, pubs, bowling alleys. Activities improve people’s confidence, communication and independent living skills; reduce social isolation; improve health and wellbeing and address discrimination. Developing friendships helps people with learning disabilities improve their confidence and social skills, the first steps to speaking up. 

“The Friendship Club is one of the best innovations in support for people with learning disabilities that I have seen. Where people come together, build on their own passions and interests, and get stuck into community life, then we will see positive and sustainable solutions, fit for the 21stcentury.” Dr Simon Duffy, Centre for Welfare Reform

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Friendship Club
Independent Living
For more information of any of our projects please call us on 01305 257600 or email:
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