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Speaking Up

Speaking Up

Speaking Up is where people with learning disabilities come together to develop their speaking up skills. It can be very difficult for someone with a learning disability and limited communicated skills to know how to speak up for themselves.


Members are empowered to feel more confident and address situations ranging from being able to order a drink in a café, to create innovative solutions such as health concerns (see Simply Supper) or access (watch our Music Video) and to address the most serious issues (poor care, abuse, housing) with authorities. This work now extends to Somerset.

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These serious concerns which are raised at Speaking Up groups are taken by our staff team and volunteers (who include people with a learning disability) to the relevant bodies - such as local authorities, health organisations or MP’s. It is important decision makers know about serious issues affecting people, especially as they commission care and services designed to support people with learning disabilities. 


We also work with commissioners, to carry out consultations with our members about proposed changes to services, and to check if services are getting it right. It is important that the views of people with learning disabilities are represented before decisions are made about issues which may affect their lives.

We also help members challenge decisions made by others which negatively affect them.

For more information of any of our projects please call us on 01305 257600 or email:
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