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Meet the team

We have a great team who work together to run People First Dorset.


Overseeing our governance, we have a Board of Trustees and a Management Committee. We also have an Advisory Board, who offer us specialist support. Our staff team are supported by our wonderful volunteers. Find out more about everyone below.

Management Committee

Our Management Committee sit alongside the trustees to oversee the strategy and operations of People First Dorset. All members of the Management Committee have a learning disability. They ensure the charity is being led by, and working well for our members.


Our staff are employed by People First Dorset to ensure the smooth running of the charity.


Our Trustees govern the charity, and are responsible for things such as finances, and ensure we follow charity laws and guidance.


Our advisors assist us with specific areas of running a charity, for example by volunteering their time to give Legal or Human Resources advice. 

How can you support us?

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