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Our team are working both from home and in the office, if you have any questions or want to get in touch, please contact us by email: or phone on 01305 257600.
Coronavirus Update
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Coughs and Colds 

We are in winter season, with lots of colds and bugs around. Here are some things which will help reduce your risk of catching something!

People First Dorset will do our best to keep you updated with useful information, take a look at the tips below to keep healthy this winter:

Click on the button to get some handwashing tips and techniques.

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Here's a simple way you can keep yourself and others safe from coughs and colds.

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Here's an Easy Read guide to helping stay well this winter.

Don't forget to get your flu and covid vaccines, here's some helpful information:

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Click on the button to see our video where Emily talks about her experience of getting vaccinated.

Here's a really useful Easy Read guide to having the flu jab to protect yourself from the flu virus.

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Click on the buttons below for more helpful information:

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