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Abandoned Bus

Hi readers, It’s Kerry and William here today, talking together about something that happened recently to me, Kerry.

Me and my friend Steve caught the bus to see a local band in Weymouth on the seafront. Nothing unusual about that, nor me sitting downstairs in my wheelchair. However, upstairs there was a young man who kept pressing the bus stop button, alerting the bus driver. After a while the driver asked him to stop, but he didn’t. Eventually the bus driver asked him to get off the bus, but the man said no.

As we wondered what the driver would do, we did not expect what happened next. The bus driver said something rude, picked up his bags and got off the bus, shutting the doors behind him!

The rest of us on the bus couldn’t believe it, and some people opened the emergency doors. They kindly helped me use the ramp to leave the bus. We all waited on the pavement until the next bus came 20 minutes later. This bus driver locked the first bus, then helped us all get on his bus and continue our journey.

He took all our details. Soon after, someone from the bus company to check we were ok and they were very apologetic.

What is the moral of this story for me? Well, it ended up being a nice experience with passengers chatting, helping each other and even laughing! If I was the only passenger on the bus, it might have been quite scary. I feel sorry for the driver as he was clearly having a very bad day. If you are reading this, or you know him, please know we are not cross, but just hope you’re ok and having a better week.

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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