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Beach photo shoot (3)

Hi readers, it’s Emily, Kerry and William here, writing again about our photo shoot on Weymouth beach.

Last week we wrote about our two main projects at People First Dorset, but there is more! There are also Action Groups, where we address our concerns. For example, bus timetables can be hard to read, so we may talk with bus companies and help put them into Easy Read.

People First Dorset sometimes also run focus workshops when able, often for a few weeks, such as improving our communication skills; learning more about climate change; trying sports in local clubs; improving our money skills; a women’s group; a men’s group; and our fun monthly choir!

Anyone with a learning disability is welcome to events, able to attend as much or little as they want. It’s free too! This makes sure no-one is excluded. We are simply asked to book in, especially important if we’re meeting in a pub or café, to ensure there’s enough room and staff. Anything from 6 to 60 members attend events (discos even busier) so it’s essential to have experienced staff, with our fabulous volunteers, who facilitate and oversee events.

So, if there are so many free events, how do the charity pay for their staff to plan/run events; support members in need; create/send the Connect booklet; record event notes/write reports; do GDPR and IT; oversee Management Committee; update policies; HR; and so much more?

Well, People First Dorset mostly relies on grants, including support from our Local Authority and health to ensure the voices of our members are represented there. However, generally it’s getting harder and harder to secure funding for all our work.

Next week we finish with how we hope the photo shoot might help us get more funding to keep going!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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