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Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here talking breakfasts.

The best ever breakfast for me, Emily, must be pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. It’s such a great combination of sweet and salty. I don’t have it often either so when I do, I really enjoy it and savour all the flavours. I’m not really a hot drinks fan so would probably have some pineapple juice, my favourite. My usual weekday breakfast is frosties or crunchy nut cornflakes.

My, William’s best ever breakfast has got to be a fry up –2 sausages, scrambled eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, 2 rashers of smoky back bacon, black pudding, eggy bread, toast with marmite and tomato ketchup! I’d wash it down with a cappuccino and maybe some apple juice. Normally for breakfast I have marmite on toast, except on Sundays when I have a bigger breakfast.

Talking about breakfasts also got us thinking about what our best cereal would be. It was hard but in the end our top five are crunchy nut cornflakes, weetabix, porridge, coco pops and shreddies. My, William’s, favourite is weetabix with milk and treacle as I love how it goes all soggy. I did think my, Emily’s, favourite is crunchy nut cornflakes but I might also add weetabix, as I love this too, and see what it’s like!

As for our healthiest breakfast, I Emily, would have half a fresh grapefruit, fruit juice and a slice of 50/50 toast. I, William, would have a banana, cornflakes and juice.

We both enjoy breakfast each day but as I, Emily, start work at lunchtime sometimes I miss breakfast and have an early lunch. At weekends I feel really hungry if I miss breakfast. We agree breakfast is about the most important meal of the day and helps get us going!

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