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Changes to our bodies!

 Hi readers, it’s just us, Kerry and William here this week, as Emily can’t make it today. We are thinking about tattoos and body piercings.


I, Kerry, might have a tattoo on my leg, but not sure what. I can’t have one though because of the physical spasms I get, and having one would make me jump too much.


I, William, would possibly have tattoos on my shoulders. I’d have Dorchester Football Club on one side, and the People First Dorset logo on the other!


We’d want to be really sure though as tattoos are expensive, and even more expensive to remove if we change our mind!


As for piercings, I, Kerry, used to have a nose piercing but it fell out and then closed up. I’ve had my ears pierced too but need to check if they have closed up too, as I haven’t worn earrings for many years.


I, William, am not into piercings, but do like my beard as it keeps my face warmer in winter. I get it trimmed at the barbers so it stays looking neat. I, Kerry, always think it’s nice when a man shaves off his beard because they look like they have a baby face for a while, and it’s really soft and lovely.


This all got us talking about permanent make-up, fuller lips or changing shape of face. We aren’t keen on any of that. If we could change anything in our body, I, Kerry, would like to be a little taller and I, William, would like to never have to shave again. My support worker, Louise, came up with a good idea, which was to never age. That would be great!


So, readers, what would you change about your appearance or body if you could?




The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff


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