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Climate Change and Politics


 Hi readers, it’s me, William, writing again this week following on from my article last week about climate change.


While writing this, it got us thinking about our carbon footprint. I realised that I already recycle quite a bit, like food waste, plastics, paper and glass. I don’t use much heating, as I like it cold at home. That said, I did put the heating on this week as it was freezing!


As for transport, my emissions are quite low too. I don’t drive so walk everywhere or catch a bus. I rarely fly, the last time about 5 years ago when I went to America to see my sister. I don’t have children, so no impact there too. I think that unless the whole world does something, we are in trouble. What if countries go under water, and there’s not enough room on the planet? Will we end up living in space?


It also feels like climate change gets lost in other things happening across the world. What hope is there while countries like Ukraine and Russia, or the Israelis and Palestinians are fighting long running and complicated wars. I also think our political system needs an overhaul. There’s too much time arguing and finger pointing rather than using facts, research and information to have discussions, where people listen and respect each other’s opinions, even if they disagree, while working together to find a solution, which may mean agreeing to compromise. There is no need for shouting, name calling, insults or falling out. It’s childish and stupid.


I think we also forget that politicians are humans. They will mistakes. Sometimes these are so bad they must leave. However, if it’s a genuine error, and they apologise, maybe we can be better at forgiving and giving them a second chance.


The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff


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