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Expectation and Anticipation

Hi readers its’ Emily and William here talking about expectation and anticipation.

It came up when we were talking about time flying by and I, Emily, thought about how excited I am to be going to concert in June, and the anticipation I feel around it. All those months waiting and waiting and waiting to see my man in concert – Ronan Keating!

We think it’s a good thing to have anticipation in our lives and things to look forward to, wondering what’s it going to be like, how we’ll feel – and then the actual event, which of course might be as we imagined!

One thing we’ve been excited about are the vaccines, looking forward to how they will make life better. What we didn’t expect was they’d be ready so quickly, so we’re happy this has exceeded our expectations!

We are both excited about having Friendship Club events in person again, whenever that is, and being able to see our friends. We think about what it will be like, if we’ll be able to hug each other, if there will be new rules about how we see each other in pubs and cafes? We just know it feels so exciting and wonderful to imagine that day. My, Emily’s eyes are lighting up at the thought of seeing my friends again there!

Of course we all have different experiences of things too. When we had a cocktail making night in Dorchester, I William was excited about it, and thought it was really good but other people didn’t enjoy it as much.

We hope you have some things to look forward to as well, as it certainly helps keep us positive and happy, however they end up turning out!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff.

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