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Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here this week talking about fireworks night. We are writing this before 5 November but we know you won’t be reading it until much later.

Neither of us plan to watch the fireworks this year, and neither of us are really into fireworks. If though, we went with some friends to watch them we would probably enjoy them, but we are just as happy not seeing them.

We have heard that Classic FM are going to broadcast a special radio programme on the evening of 5 November, especially for animals. Apparently there is some classical music that has been proven to be soothing for pets and is very effective, so they are going to have an evening playing these. We think that’s a great idea and might listen in too!

We wonder if people who are going out to a fireworks event, and have pets, might leave the radio on while they are out. We’d be interested to know if anyone stayed in with any pets who don’t normally like fireworks and listened to Classic FM and if their pet was calmer? Please let us know!

There are also fireworks now which don’t make a sound, which could be really good in some situations. Perhaps in the future, there will be noiseless firework displays people can go to, for those who don’t like the bangs!

We both agree that the best thing about fireworks is the grand finale, when they set loads off at the same time. It can be really exciting, as well as noisy, and everyone leaves with a spring in their step.

We hope that if you went to a firework event, that you had a fantastic time.

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