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Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here writing about spooks and spirits around the house.

Why? Well, as we were writing this on zoom, Laura (who helps us edit the column) was suddenly distracted when she heard a door shut in her flat. No-one else was there, no windows were open, so why did it suddenly shut?

She quickly went to check and no-one was there but it got us talking! I, Emily, have had similar things going on in our home. One of my housemates thinks it’s his Gran. Our house used to be school and his Gran used work there, and she is letting us know she’s still around! It’s odd things which happen like the downstairs toilet has been locked but nobody is inside, or our wipe board on the windowsill in the dining room suddenly falling and shooting across the floor, or our careline which suddenly bleeps for no reason. We all laugh now and tell her to stop messing about, it’s like she is trying to talk to us though!

Another thing is that since Mum gave me a cutting from my Nan’s rose tree (she has passed away) and we put it in my garden, I’ve had a really strong sense of being around. I am sure she moves things about in my bedroom, and I feel sometimes like she is walking around.

I, William, have never experienced anything like this. I do believe there could be ghosts and that they are just like normal people.

We both think that if we saw a ghost, we wouldn’t be scared. We also wonder if ghosts have been absolutely been proven to exist? Have any of you experienced things like me, Emily? We would love to know and also find out if we really do have ghosts in our house!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff.

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