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Going inside!

Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here this week talking about the easing of restrictions and us all finally being able to go inside to cafes, pubs and restaurants.

As we write this, today is the first day of restrictions being lifted and being able to eat indoors. I William, am looking forward to going into cafés again, although I am feeling a bit nervous because it’s been about a year since I’ve been into a café. I just feel a little anxious about being too close to people in an enclosed space, so will be careful about where I go, and make sure I feel comfortable.

We both hope that venues will do their best to stay as ventilated as possible, to keep the risk being reduced. From what we see already, a lot are doing that, which is good.

I, Emily, am not really sure how I feel. I’m not in a mad rush to head back to a café yet but if it happens, it happens. As long as everyone keeps their distance and wears their masks when moving around, I will probably feel ok about it. I might go out somewhere when I am seeing my Auntie, but just don’t feel there is any rush for me to go out.

It’s almost like we have both forgotten what it’s like to be going out. As it’s been fine to eat at home, we’ve been quite content over the past year. We both definitely feel more confident meeting outside still, though that will be better when the weather eventually improves!

Even if we do meet people we will still keep being safe, will wear our masks, wash our hands and be sure to keep ourselves and others safe.

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