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Green Space Dark Skies (1)

Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here telling you about something amazing we did last Saturday.

We were invited to the Green Spaces Dark Skies event, which we wrote about before, if you read regularly? In a nutshell it was part of a national series of inclusive events using creativity to celebrate beautiful natural spaces across the UK. Today they came to Dorset!

A group of us from People First Dorset met at Maumbury Rings early evening, where an old fashioned double decker drove us to Maiden Castle, an enormous iron age hillfort, only 1.5miles away. We loved how they’d got bird sounds playing on the bus as it got us in the mood!

We arrived to a wonderful welcome from the organisers, who gave us big red circle stickers to wear. We were in the red group! The atmosphere was great, like a mini festival, people sitting around in the sun and enjoying each others company. One big marquee had cool DJ Isaiah Dreads playing in it! The organisers were all so friendly and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble, if you were hungry or were cold – they’d even brought extra boxes of warm clothes. Amazing.

After collecting our headphones (also with bird sounds) and lamps some of us went into a tent and made leaf shaped lights. We didn’t have time to finish them but still took them home as they looked great.

We all sat around a picnic rug, had some food, did some interviews and then had our rehearsal. We discovered the headsets would be used to give us instructions when we were performing later, at dusk, at the top of Maiden Castle.

It was soon time to start, but we’ve run out of space so please read our column next Tuesday to find out what happened next!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff.

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