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Kerry’s holiday

Hi readers, it’s Kerry and William here as Emily couldn’t make it. We’re talking about my, Kerry’s trip to Menorca, my first holiday in many years. This week and next, we share the highlights. Today, enjoy my journey there!


The day we flew, Louise (my support worker) had a text from British Airways at 215am. Our flight was delayed from 8am until 220pm, as they had to wait for a standby pilot.  We decided to still drive up as planned, getting to Gatwick at 5am, in case things changed.


We arrived, checked in our bags, wandered around the airport, had breakfast, and waited. So far so good. Our flight was called, we boarded the plane, and waited. After 30 minutes, apparently the engine had a problem. We’d be updated as soon as possible. We waited. After another 1.5hours, they couldn’t fix it, so we all got off the plane.


I’m in a wheelchair, so I stayed on the ambulift, waiting with my partner Steve and Louise. Thankfully 30 minutes later we got another plane, and once everyone else was on, we left!


Tired now, we arrived in Menorca at 10pm instead of 1125am, heading straight to get our hire car. You guessed it, despite being clear about my needs when booking, it was the wrong size. We waited while they found us another. It did the job, despite being tricky to climb in on the right side (instead of the left, which my body is used to).


Finally, we reached our hotel around 11pm and, oh no, the room we’d booked wasn’t ready either! We were put in another room for the night so we could sleep, but no unpacking or showering until late afternoon the following day, when we got into the room with an accessible bathroom.


Tune in next week to hear more!




The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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