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Local Elections (part 2)

Hello readers, it's Kerry, Emily and William continuing on from last week, about politics and the local elections.

After getting confused about the local elections, it got us talking we about politics, including this new ID requirement. For most people, that’s a passport or driving licence, but none of us, and many of our friends don’t drive – and some don’t travel either. What do they take? A birth certificate? It could make it a lot harder for them to vote, and put them off.

Even if we have ID and can vote, we’ve found it can be hard to know who to vote for. I, Emily, would definitely not vote unless I had information presented clearly, telling me about the person, and what difference they are going to make, how they are going to make it, and where the money is coming from! I, Kerry, would like to see it presented in Easy Read, as not only might it help us, but also other people in particular those who don’t want to be bombarded with lots of information, but need enough to make an informed choice.

We all agree that we will vote in elections. You can’t really complain if you have not voted, but in order to vote, you really do need information on the choices! Possible councillors and politicians, if you are reading this today, and want to be consulted on how to present to us, please get in touch. We can guide you and introduce you to lots more people who have a learning disability, who would be happy to tell you what is important for them.

Next week we have one more article on politics, about what we actually want to change in our local area!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities, with support from staff

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