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Meeting Up Inside

Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here this week talking about finally meeting up in people’s houses after such a long time!

In the last month or so, I, William have been to Emily’s new house 3 times. First I was invited to have supper with everyone, except Emily wasn’t there that night. The second time I went over for a curry and the third time I went we walked to get a takeaway.

It was really good to go and catch up with all my friends in their new home, and it’s great to see they are moving in well.

I’ve not been in other houses, except for my parents.

As for me, Emily, some of Mum’s friends have been over and then my brother came round yesterday. He’s been very careful about covid, so it was really nice to show him around my house too and introduce him to my housemates.

We both think that this level of meeting in other people’s houses feels at a good pace for us to keep us and others safe. We and our friends have all had double vaccines but are still being very careful by not having lots of people coming over. The most people I, Emily, have met up with inside was on my birthday, when an extra 2 people outside my bubble (which included William) came to the house for birthday cake.

Although we are both comfortable going out say, for a pizza or meal, we would be less happy going out on a Saturday night into a busy pub with people not wearing masks and germs much more easily spread. We think it’s a really good idea to get the boosters soon, especially if the jabs are wearing off now for some people.

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