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Prison or community service

Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here talking about prison or community service, and what we think about the prison system.

Our first thoughts were that it must be so hard coming out of prison, like getting a job. Would you employ someone who has been on prison? Would it depend on what they have done? We’d love to see more employers give people who have been in prison a chance to prove themselves.

We do think that some people who go to prison would be better doing community service like cleaning out rivers or sweeping up, if it’s not a big crime. Instead of using up a prison space, they can help improve their community. I, William, have been watching Outlaws on TV which is about community service. It’s really good.

For people who do go to prison, we think they should be working, being useful doing jobs instead of just sitting around.

We also think people in prison who have young children should be able to see them. It must be really difficult for the children of single parents, especially if they don’t see their other parent, if their Mum or Dad goes into prison. Who would look after them if they are young? Not the neighbours, but maybe a grandparent or an aunt. Otherwise they would probably have to go into care and that may not always be good for a child.

We worry for people who steal because they have no money and are hungry. Although they can go to foodbanks for food, they might want to steal something, like toys to give their child for birthday or Christmas. They definitely should get community service and not prison, and some help to get their lives back on track.

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