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What kind of food are you?

Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here sharing some of our more random thoughts. This week we were wondering about if you were described as a food, what would it be…

We started thinking about us first. We think I, Emily would be a mug of soup – comforting and reassuring, always there to give friends a big hug if feeling down. For me, William, I’d be a roast dinner – traditional, uncomplicated, reliable and a family person. Here are a few other ideas we came up with…

First, the politicians. Boris Johnson would be an Eton Mess and Kier Starmer a limp lettuce! My, Emily’s favourite Ronan Keating would be macaroni cheese with a dash of Worcester sauce – traditional, comforting but also strong with a bit of kick! Alex Jones is definitely a tasty ripe peach – healthy, fresh, wholesome, soft and friendly!

As for family - our parents, for both of us, are like bread and butter, always there for us. If we can’t need something, bread and butter is almost always available and comforting – just like our parents.

On to film stars - Tom Cruise would be a super complicated, healthy organic smoothie, very difficult to get all the ingredients! Johnny Depp on the other hand is definitely intense dark chocolate - strong, firm, stands up for what he believes in and not afraid of a challenge.

Two royals to end, or maybe one former royal, anyway it’s Prince Harry. He’s a jelly baby jam roly-poly – sweet and likeable but a bit naughty! Finally the Queen who was the hardest. She’s a fine and splendid trifle – many layers, humble, hard working and enthusiastic.

We hope these get you thinking about your next meal and who best fits the foods on your plate!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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