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Barn Dance

Hi readers, Emily, Kerry and William here, meeting in person at the Kings Arms in Dorchester, the first time we’ve met to write our column in ages, and it feels good!

Today we share our thoughts and excitement about the Barn Dance People First Dorset (PFD) are organising in December at Dorchester’s Trinity Club.

The three of us have never been to a Barn Dance before, so we aren’t sure what to expect. We know what to wear - checked shirts, jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat! We will trawl charity shops and the internet to find some good outfits!

What about the dancing though? Do we dance on our own or with others, like line dancing or a ceilidh? Laura, who helps us edit this column, just told us we are having a fantastic local band, called Tatterdemalion, who bring a ‘caller’. They will lead and tell us what to do, which sounds fun!

As for food, we know there will be hot dogs on the night, but we wonder what food you’d normally have at a barn dance?

We will be inviting organisations who’ve funded us to come along as we want to meet them and showcase what we do, so they can see how important, and valued, their funding is to us.

If you are interested in donating to our work at People First Dorset, and want to find out more about what we do, we’d love to meet you too. Just call the PFD office and the team will be able to help you. It’s a small team, who are often out running events, so if you get the answerphone, don’t forget to leave your number and a good time for them to call you back!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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