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Bills going up

Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here talking about the prices of energy bills going sky high.

I, Emily, am not sure how it will affect me as I pay an agreed fixed price each month for my rent, electrics, gas, water and other bills. I believe it’s fixed for a certain amount of time but I must find out how long that is and how much it might go up by.

I, William, have a pre-pay meter for my gas and electric. At the shops I buy extra energy which gets put on my electric key and gas card. When I get home I put them in the meter and the energy is topped up. I think the increased prices will mean I need to top up more. I keep my flat quite cool so hopefully I won’t need to spend a lot extra.

We know some people’s bills have more than doubled and that most may go up by about £700 each year, a lot.

Those people who got their meter readings in before 31st March hopefully will have saved some money. We think the increased prices will be hard for people on low incomes or are unemployed. We hope people who are housebound and not very mobile will get more cold weather and heating allowance, as it will be really tough for them.

What makes it all the harder is other prices going up too – food especially. But what is the solution? This war needs to stop, people need to start being kind to each other and the world, and we must find lots more alternative sources of power like solar panels, wind farms and electric cars. For those of us who can, use pushbikes or walk, as that will warm you up and keep you fit.

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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