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Easing of restrictions

Hi readers, it’s Emily here this week, on my own as William’s internet isn’t working, but thankfully he will be back in a couple of weeks.

As we write, it’s the day after Boris has announced that restrictions will be lifted on 19th July, which will be yesterday, as this is printed on 20th July!

I will still wear my mask at work in the care home but am glad I have the choice of wearing it in other places. I’ll definitely still wear one in places like hospitals or the doctors but am happy not to wear a mask in shops if people keep their distance. If they don’t, I will probably just move to a quieter area or leave.

I’d be a bit worried about going to something like a music festival as that would be too many people for me. Who knows how many germs will be spread, even if it’s outdoors as you would still be very close to people.

It’s good that people can make their own choices, and expect some will continue to be very cautious while others will go back to normal. I also think having both jabs means there is less need to self- isolate, and like the flu, at some point we’ve got to get on with it or we’d never go out!

I also hope that the public will respect other people’s decisions. Sometimes it might be hard to know what to do – like if you are the only person either wearing a mask, or not wearing one, how would that make you feel. If a shop or café insisted on people wearing a mask to come in, that would not bother me as they are just protecting their staff and other people. Whatever you decide, stay safe and well!

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