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Emily and Kerry on festivals and music

Hi readers, it’s William and now with Emily and Kerry, who have just joined me online. For those of you who read our column last week, you will know I wrote concerts and festivals, after watching Elton John at Glastonbury on TV.

This week Emily and Kerry share their thoughts. Both gave a big thumbs up to my idea of seeing Guns and Roses and Dire Straits in concert too!

I, Kerry, haven’t seen Elton John at Glastonbury yet, but am going to watch it tonight. The others said they won’t talk about it to spoil the surprise! I, Emily, did watch and thought it was brilliant. To see him ‘still standing’ and going strong at 74 is amazing. I also knew a lot of the songs and it was fun to sing along. I had forgotten it was on TV but luckily my Mum messaged soon after it started, and reminded me!

We have both been to concerts before too. I, Emily have been to a few. In fact, this Thursday I am looking forward to going to a tribute concert for Take That. I was lucky enough to see the original Take That at Wembley, when Robbie Williams was in it. The whole experience was incredible. I’d never seen so many people before. Our seats were halfway up so we had a good view. The only downside was getting stuck in traffic!

I’ve also seen Ronan Keating and Boyzone a few times, and Sugar Babes, which was the first concert I went to, with Mum. I am not sure how much Mum enjoyed it, but I did!

We’ve run out of room again, so tune in to hear about Kerry’s festival experience next week. It’s worth the wait!

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