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Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Hi readers, it’s William here today as Emily can’t make it this week. I hope you all had a nice bank holiday weekend. This week I would like to tell you about a Garden Party I’m going to at Buckingham Palace this month, which I am really excited about!

I was invited to go because I’d been nominated as a thank you for the volunteering I do, such as for People First Dorset where I help at events, sit on a management committee and speak about the charity at fundraising or other events; at Eucan where I help with outdoor work; in the Borough Gardens and because I do other things when I get the chance. I had no idea someone had put my name forward until I got this invitation two years ago!

Unfortunately the Garden Party in 2020 had to be cancelled because of Covid but it’s now been rescheduled for this May.

Luckily I can take someone with me so I have asked my friend Dick. He is going to drive us to his daughters house near London, where we will change, and then either drive or train to Buckingham Palace.

I think the Garden Party will be full of people dressed up in suits and dresses. At 4pm some of the royal family will come out into the garden. I feel very proud to be going and am excited to see the royals, perhaps even meet them if I am lucky. I am also really interested to see the garden there, and what kind of plants and flowers are in it.

As I am working the next day we will be back that night. I will let you know how it goes so please keep reading our columns to read more.

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff.

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