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Ice on the pavements

Hi readers, it’s Kerry and William here talking about how the snow and ice have affected us this week.

We’re writing on Friday evening, the first time I, Kerry have been out since Tuesday, when it got so cold. I heard some pavements were not gritted, so have been super wary of going out as I worry my wheelchair might slide on the ice.

Why, we wonder, are some pavements gritted and not others? Even three days later there’s still ice on many pavements, and we don’t think it’s been gritted in Borough Gardens either.

We worry because it’s vulnerable people who will be most affected, as they won’t go out, and can become quickly isolated. For those who can’t do online shopping, who’s helping them to get their groceries? Will they miss important medical appointments because they’re afraid of falling on the way there? And then there’s the worry of heating bills going up being home all day in this cold weather. Some may get very cold because they can’t afford to heat their home.

So, these are just a few reasons why it’s important to grit the pavements. At least during covid when we had to stay at home, people helped the vulnerable, but are we looking after them in this cold snap?

We also heard that hospital aren’t encouraging you to go out because if you fall, they are so busy and getting help could take a long time. Our lovely friend Jack, who’s with us tonight, fell over on the ice last Tuesday evening, returning from a Friendship Club event, by Maumbury Rings, landing on his knee and hand. Luckily his friend Nick was there to help him up and back home.

Our message to you is take care, and to the council, please grit all the pavements!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff.

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