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Local Elections (part 3)

Good afternoon readers, it's Kerry, Emily and William continuing on from the last two weeks, about politics and the local elections.

This week we are focusing on the kind of questions we would ask local councillors, about making things better.

One of the first things we thought of is improving our streets. We want to see pavements being much more accessible to everyone, and especially wheelchair users. At the moment there are still lots of dangerous potholes which we would like to see shot of.

We also worry that perhaps Dorchester has become less safe over the last few years. There definitely seems to be more social issues, at least they are more visible, such as homelessness or drunken people in the street. We think this may be because life has become so much more expensive and that some people just can’t cope any more. That it has got too difficult for some people to live as they used to.

We know that some homeless people choose to live like this, but we think there are probably deeper reasons. Perhaps they are very unhappy at home, or the other options are even worse. It’s rubbish whatever, and we can’t even begin to imagine being out on the streets at night, alone and in the cold with no money or food.

Life is hard for lots of people right now, and to think there are now more foodbanks than McDonalds is terrible. We didn’t know that until today, and it was a shock.

We’d like to see politicians stop shouting at each in the House of Commons all the time. It’s hard to watch and there are much better ways of settling disputes than this. Perhaps one day the way politicians govern will be more calm and respectful, we hope so!

Until next week, take care.

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities, with support from staff.

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