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My Time Machine

Hi readers, it’s Emily here again this week and one more week until William is back with us.

This week I’d like to jump in a time machine and go to a nice hot sunny beach and write our Echo column, forget about the problems in the world for a couple of hours while sipping on our cocktails in the sunshine on sunbeds. Wouldn’t that be great!

It got me thinking that if I did have a time machine, where else I’d go. I’d definitely like to go back in time, especially to visit my grandparents and tell them all the latest news. They’d have such a shock, and would be so confused to see me. What would they think of the world today? I’d take my Echo columns for them to read, and pictures of the new home I’m living in.

I’d also like to go back to the War, and see what life was like when my grandparents were growing up. It would be so interesting, also seeing what goes on behind the scenes in the army and navy, and then being part of the celebrations when we won.

It’d be great to jump to the future too, say 100 years time, and see how the world has changed. I wonder how the government would be run, if climate change has caused devastation or if we managed to save the planet. I hope we did, and are running solely on green energies. Would people be living in space, or under the sea? Who knows what we might create and the future holds. Could we live more simply? Would people be living much longer because of better healthcare?

If you had a time machine, where would you go with it, and why?

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