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Running McDonalds

Hi readers, its Emily and William here again, this week thinking about what we’d do if we were put in charge of running the McDonalds empire. How much fun would that be!

First, so you all know, we both enjoy an occasional cheeky McDonalds. I, Emily would have normally have a chicken burger or one of the more healthy options. I, William, like a cheeseburger and salad.

What changes would we make? Well first, on the screens we’d put more realistic pictures of the burgers and other foods because the current images don’t look like what is served. When the pictures look better than the actual food it creates unrealistic expectations, so it’d be good to get that sorted.

We’d also have more healthy options like lower fat burgers and plant based vegan burgers. We’d explore putting more vegetables in the burgers like carrots, so they still taste great but are healthier. It would be good to have a print out of the calories, salt and fat (especially) of each meal as that would help people who were trying to watch their weight.

A better range of healthy side dishes would be good. Perhaps more interesting salads, vegetables and low fat or low salt chips. We have seen how much salt goes into the chips which is not good for any of us!

We’d also like better quality and a bigger choice of milkshakes and coffee, plus non fizzy soft drinks such as low sugar flavoured water. Also healthier deserts like sorbet, fruit based dishes or frozen yogurt would be popular we think.

All of these changes could really help people manage their weight and especially if the price was kept down. We wonder if you agree and if you were in charge, what you would do?

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