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So hot!

Hi readers, its Kerry and William here on a very hot Monday, meeting at Dorchester’s Kings Arms hotel. We were sitting outside in the shade, but as the sun came round, we’ve moved to a table just inside the restaurant, where there’s a lovely, refreshing breeze!

This sudden hot weather, which is lovely and makes us want to be eating ice on the beach, can also be difficult for people, even dangerous if they get heatstroke.

It can affects our work. Take me, William. At the garden centre this week, I will probably water plants all day; then when I volunteer for Eucan, doing dry stone walling on the sea wall at Martinstown, I will need to wear a hat, sunscreen and take lots of water!

As for me, Kerry, I am looking forward getting out of my chair, which is hot as it attracts the heat, and which I have been in too long today. The heat can make life much more uncomfortable. It will be good to chill out my sofa tonight as I try and stay cool.

We both wonder how much of these heatwaves here in England, are down to global warming? This week we wish for rain to help the plants and farmers. Although we both try and reduce our impact, like recycling, how much difference does it make, and is it too late anyway? We thought about worse case scenarios because of it, like famine, war, hunger, migration, areas sinking into the sea. How will the world manage? Most disasters take place thousands of miles away so don’t affect us – but we should care about all people. Will it all get worse and if so, we pray that all the countries of the world join together, and save people and the planet!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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