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Hi readers, it's Kerry, Emily and William here, writing about Dorchester’s newest and biggest celebrity, Susie, if you haven’t heard about her already!


So, who’s Susie? She’s a beautiful soft tabby cat! She’s famous because she’s so adventurous and smart. Susie loves wandering about Dorchester, exploring places or simply spending the day in one of her favourite places, like the friendly Potting Shed, or cat-napping on the cosy cushion in Oxfam’s window.


She even has a Facebook page - Susie’s Travels in Dorchester!  People post where they have seen her. Local tv did a feature on her last week too. We can see that yesterday she joined a yoga class!


It’s no surprise that the community have warmed to her and become very attached to her. People love to see her. When I, Kerry, tried to tell one of my support staff about her, she couldn’t quite believe it!


Although we’ve not seen her, we also wanted to write about Susie because Laura, who helps us edit this column, had an unexpected visit from Susie in December. The weirdest thing is that Laura lives high up, in an apartment, so how Susie got through the front security is a mystery, let alone make her way up to the fourth floor! Laura didn’t know about Susie then and was very surprised to find a friendly cat on her doormat. It didn’t take long though to find out it was the famous Susie. Once Laura let Susie’s owners know she had her, Susie settled in for two days! Laura took Susie to the main entrance a few times to see if she wanted to go home but Susie just looked at the rain outside, and promptly walked back upstairs!


Next week we write about why we think Susie’s good news for people and for Dorchester.




The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff



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