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Thank you Paul!

Hi readers, it’s Emily, Kerry and William here, and we’ve been talking about breakfasts, and what would our best breakfast be ever. 


For me, Kerry, my best ever breakfast was definitely in Café Hendover, in Dorchester.  I’d go in about once a week for a fry up. It was so good and always hot, fresh and a decent sized plate!


This got us talking about Paul, who runs the café, because sadly, last week he announced on Facebook he was closing the café with immediate effect.


So, today we want to dedicate our column to Paul. The main reason is that we used to hold lots of Friendship Club events in Café Hendover. This was because we loved going there. He, and his team, always made us feel so welcome and at home there. Nothing was ever too much bother for him.


Of course, the food was always good too, but what was brilliant was how he’d joke and laugh with us all. We loved going to see him. He’d take us just as we were, even letting one of our friends, Nathan, join him behind the counter sometimes, helping him learn to use the till and serve customers.


When, I, Kerry went in there for breakfast the other day, I thought something was up, as he wasn’t his usual joyful self. If you are reading this Paul, we are sorry you had to make the difficult decision to close, and we understand. We hope you are ok and that if you would like to, that you will stay in touch with us, especially if you are staying in the area.


Next week we will continue our conversation about breakfasts, as well as how we manage to eat with our busy lives and the challenges that we sometimes experience in buying or making food.




The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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