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Climate change

Hi readers, it’s just me, William here today, as Kerry and Emily can’t make it this week for our catch up to write Our View.   I am chatting with Laura (who helps us edit this column) about all the heavy rain and how it’s affected almost the whole country, especially Nottingham.


I know how lucky I am, to live somewhere not at risk of flooding. I feel sorry for people who had to leave their homes because they flooded.


This conversation led us on to climate change, and how the heavier rains may be due to this. 


I also realised that, although I took part in a great project last year with People First Dorset and Dorset County Museum to learn more about the environment and climate change, I still don’t know very much about it all. An arts facilitator, Sarah, led the brilliant and fun sessions, and I remember how important trees are; that summers are getting hotter and winters are getting milder; plus more ways to, and the importance of recycling.


Having a learning disability makes it harder for most of us to understand and remember things, so I’d love more workshops to learn more.  I want to know more, like new ways to recycle and if it really makes any difference?; what are the biggest things that causes climate change?  why is it getting hotter?;  how hot will it get, and when and what will happen? If all the ice caps melt, will some countries go under water? Where will the people go?  Why do we need two phrases – global warming and climate change?


Next week I will talk about my ‘carbon footprint’ as well as how I’d run some parts of the country if I was a politician!


Have a good week and see you next Tuesday




The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff



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