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 Hi readers, it’s Kerry, Emily and William here, wondering how to make sense of voting in the July election.


We’ve had information through our letterboxes but are still none the wiser as to who to vote for. We know some people are not going to vote because it’s too hard to decide.


What would help us decide? We want to know what each party is going to do, so it’s easy to understand and in a way we can compare them against each other. Do we vote for a local candidate, or for a national party. For example, if we wanted Lib Dems to win overall, but we have a Labour or Conversative candidate we like best in our area, who gets our vote?


We don’t like the tv debates. They are really confusing and can be argumentative, turning us right off!


We want engaging leaders. People who give us confidence; who are trustworthy and clever; fair and just; who care about the country and its people. People who are strong; not afraid to stand up to criticism; who admit quickly when they got it wrong. People who work together as a team and know it’s healthy to delegate to knowledgeable and astute advisors. If they are charismatic and friendly too, even better!


We’d also love to see the public, and media, be less quick to judge, criticise; to think about how we can all support our politicians to succeed and thrive, instead of pulling them down at every opportunity. Everyone makes mistakes, and we think we’ll be much stronger as a nation if we become less hostile, so we can attract in strong leaders, and support them to succeed.




The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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