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Heatwave – part one

Dear Readers, it’s Emily and William here writing as we melt in the second week of August during this heatwave. As we write, it’s Friday 12th August and the day before my, Emily’s birthday party.

The weather today is boiling hot, at least 30 degrees here in Dorset. This heat makes us feel a bit sweaty and we aren’t even working, so we have both been inside because it’s cooler that way. I, William, went into town earlier, to do some shopping and then into Borough Gardens. I felt boiling hot and sticky!

Yesterday, at my Emily’s house, my friends and I were all sat round at home and absolutely melting. We had the fan on but that didn’t do much. I stepped out for one second to do something in the garden but came in straight away because it was too hot to be outside.

This weather is scary because if this heat continues, there will probably be more and more fires, but also less water to put them out, and for our needs at home and for businesses too. We have heard that the fire brigade have not been so busy since World War Two, which is crazy. The thing is, if this hot weather continues this year, and in future years, it’s just going to get worse. We are going to have to think a lot more carefully about how we use water, and also other things which add to global warming.

Our other concern is making sure we take care of the most vulnerable people, because if things get bad, they will be most affected.

We’ve been thinking about other things we can do to help, which we’ll share with you next week so do tune in again.

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff.

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