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Local Elections

Good afternoon readers, it's Kerry, Emily and William here sat in Costa Coffee talking about the local elections on 4th May, in two days time.

The reason is that we have been puzzled as to why we have not got our polling cards in the post. As we write this, we don’t know of anyone else who has got them either!

As we talked about this amongst ourselves, someone Laura knows stood at the door of Costa, so we called him over and asked if he had received a polling card. He said no, and nor has his partner. So, we looked it up online, and finally found out (as you will know by now) there are no upcoming elections in Dorchester!

That baffled us, as we have been getting lots of fliers through our doors; then there are the election broadcasts on TV, and so we had (clearly wrongly) assumed we would be voting in Dorchester too. But why not elections in Dorchester?

Well, of course we had to look that up too. The simple answer is that the local elections are held every 5 years and the last election in Dorset was on May 2, 2019. That means they will be held in May 2024. Now we, and you if you didn’t, all know.

It’s only because we have sat down to write this, that we have found all this out. Did anyone else not know, or was it just us? If you did know, how did you know?

What today has done, which is interesting, is get us talking about politics, which is not normally something we really enjoy. Next week we want to share our thoughts on voting, and especially how people with learning disabilities are communicated with on political topics and the voting process. Tune in to hear more!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities, with support from staff.

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