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Our Summer (2)

Hi readers, it's Emily, Kerry and William here today, finishing off our summer stories from last week.

I, Emily wanted to tell you about my brilliant birthday. In the morning, I went to Mum’s where we had cake with my brother and his wife. They gave me a fabulous cookbook, for people with a learning disability. It tells you what equipment and ingredients you need, and the recipes are so simple. I, Kerry, want to know when me and William can come round and try your cooking out!?

Other fab presents from Mum and the dogs were a trip to Longleat, perfume, a watch, and from Dad a mini garden shed for our garden tools.

Back home, loads of balloons were waiting for me, which was so nice. That evening I went to Vivo Lounge with friends. It was a lovely evening and mix of people. William couldn’t come but is coming over tomorrow to play cards with me and my housemates.

I, William, went to the Lake District with Jolly Days again. It gets better every year with even more activities – abseiling high up in the quarry (I wasn’t scared), canoeing on Lake Windemere and jumping in after to swim, caving with lamps, archery, campfires, arts, crafts and more. I made new friends, and everyone is so nice there.

I, Kerry, have also had a busy summer seeing lots of people. I especially enjoyed our People First Dorset zoom last night. I don’t normally go but I loved seeing lots of people there I haven’t seen for a while. We talked about what we want the group to be, and that was good.

We hope you’ve had a good summer too and enjoy whatever sunny weather we are lucky enough to get, until autumn arrives.

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff

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