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Susie’s good for Dorchester


Hi readers, it's Kerry, Emily and William here, writing more about Susie, the famous Dorchester cat. Read our column last week if you missed it!

Today, we share why we think she’s good news for people, and for Dorchester.  


First, Susie is making people happy. Although the three of us are yet to meet Susie, although I, Emily, have seen her in Oxfam window, we think seeing her can feel uplifting. Imagine if you’ve had a bad day. Worse, it’s raining, you’re tired and wet through, feel rubbish and are walking through town.


Then, you see Susie, sauntering down the street, inquisitively looking around. You watch as she makes her way to Oxfam, then jumps into the bed in their window, in the warm and dry. You take a photo, get home, put it on her Facebook page. Now, we reckon you’d feel better!


Second, she’s bringing people together, in person and online. Over 3,000 people have joined her Facebook page and loads more must have visited her page. We’ve noticed people talking about her too, which is definitely a nice change from discussing the weather!


Third, she’s good for local businesses, especially her favourites like Potters Café. A friend of ours, who went to find Susie at the Potting Shed, had no idea how good, and friendly, it is in there. Thanks to Susie, they’re going back this week to buy some of their lovely plants!  


Fourth, we love how Susie’s good news story has ‘happened’ and ‘evolved’ very naturally, and how it just seems to keep giving!


Finally, all this love for the gorgeous and clever Susie has got us talking today about the healing power of animals. Next week we’d like to share with you our thoughts on this, so do buy a copy of the Echo and see if you agree with what we think.




The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by People First Dorset - a charity led and run by people with learning disabilities with support from staff


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