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Walking with friends is fun

Hello readers, it’s us two here, Emily and William, talking about sharing a walk with friends.

So, the reason we are writing this is recently, I Emily went out with friends (my new housemates) for a walk around Dorchester. We met at the Co-Op in town, walked through Borough Gardens to the river and then back again. After a while one friend had to go home for her roast lunch, but the two of us left decided to have lunch in town and keep walking.

After seeing most of Dorchester, and bumping into some other friends, we realised we’d just done a 10 mile walk!

The most I have ever walked around Dorchester is 5 miles, never anything like 10 miles. I think being with a friend make is easier to walk longer because I am so busy enjoying their company and the places we are walking through, so am much less conscious of the time and the miles.

As for me, William, I don’t really know how far I walk as I rarely wear my fitbit. I tend to walk on my own, especially when I visit my parents and walk from theirs. I like walking by myself, although I like the idea of walking with others too.

I, Emily, when I’m moved into the new house, am going to ask William to join us for a walk, and perhaps a picnic too, especially because when we move in it will be lighter evenings.

Have you walked with friends more, we wonder, during the pandemic? We think that is definitely one of the better things that has come out of the last year during the pandemic!

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club – a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset.

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